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geoff piper:
I'm a newbie looking for a rig. I have been reading everything on these boards and others for about two months or so now and would just like to get a overall opinion on a set up. Would it be better for me to run
great mics> Phantom power>D100


good mics>preamp>d100.

I know that mics make the most difference in the rig so I am guessing that the overall consensious is that of the first choice. I will be do both open and stealth taping. If you read this already at another board I'm sorry I'm just looking for the most opinions I can find. Thanks for your help.

Most Pre Amps supply phantom power, or they are called mic to line drivers. True mics are the most important part of the rig, but not the most important part in taping. You have to make some sacrifices in fidelity to make tapes in certain enviroments. IE, large diaphram mics are no good for stealth... In my opinion, the most overlooked part of making good tapes is knowing how to make good tapes. This means getting  the equipment to work to it's fullest potential, and using the equipment correctly. Dont expect a huge investment to get you better tapes, there is a considerable amount of the wuality that relies on your ability to make the best of the venue and your gear.


geoff piper:

--- Quote from: mfrench on March 01, 2003, 05:09:13 PM ---Location, Location, Location!!!
Oh yeah, nice gear helps  ;D


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every show i go to i try to watch to see how every taper sets up. The angles, heights, mic placement style, etc.  And I have a bunch of friends that tape that have given me advice and the links to places where i can look for information. So I'm learning a little at a time but would like something to get me started. I know that i should stay with something that i can learn on.

we are here for you if you have any questions! We were all there once.... ;)


geoff piper:

--- Quote from: Bri on March 01, 2003, 05:25:34 PM ---we are here for you if you have any questions! We were all there once.... ;)


--- End quote ---

I'm just not sure what way i should go... If i got with just the mic>phatom power would i be able to stealth. I know that if i go mics> preamp i will be able to since the MP-2 is small in size. I'm looking for a good sound, not the best but good enough to listen to without having alot of static, etc. What would you suggest? And again thanks alot i know its repetitive to help out newbies.


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