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looking to help a friend track and tag some wavs from DATS
hes a mac user

many are 44.1K so it would be useful to have them be SBE compliant

is there an equivalent to CDwav for tracking? if not, does it work under wine?

seems that xACT is a must for tagging. are there any tutorials or screenshots for xACT?

im flying blind on support for him absent setting up macos in a docker


al w.:
I use Audacity to track. See this:

Then xACT to convert those files to FLAC. This is pretty self-explanatory

You can also tag in xACT. The "load track names from file" feature (under the File menu) is useful here

^ second this.

I use Audacity for all slicing/dicing/outputting of lots of shows.
Audacity can directly output flacs, and can tag using edit:edit metadata.

xACT is great for FFPs, file name changing, and is an audio swiss army knife.

al w.:

--- Quote from: checht on March 22, 2024, 06:24:00 PM ---Audacity can directly output flacs

--- End quote ---

TIL! Thanks for the heads up. I never even considered trying this


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