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New Sennheiser MKH 8030 Figure 8 mic

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Looks like Gutbucket's prayers have been answered - a small, high quality figure 8 mic from Sennheiser was just released at the trade shows.

$1500 at B and H. Includes the MZX 8000 XLR preamplifier and is compatible with their digital preamplifier as well.

The in the box blurb - "An MZW 8030 foam windshield and MZQ 8000 mic clip are included. There is also a pair of Rycote Back-to-Back microphone clips ideal for adding an MKH 8040/8050 microphone to the MKH 8030 for mid-side or stereo audio capture"

Reasonable when compared to similar brands - a Schoeps CMC6 and MK8 is $1850 and the Sennheiser preamp is tiny more along the lines of the CMC1 but the capsule itself is bigger.
The CMC1 is $858 and MK8 is $1052 = $1910.

Colin Liston:

verry interesting. The write up and specs look great.

Thanks for posting about this. Good to see Senn has followed through with the long awaited new fig-8 in the 8000 series, and great to have another high quality single diaphragm fig-8 option as there aren't many.  This looks to be positioned as an alternative to Schoeps MK8 and priced similarly.

What I'd really like is a truly miniature fig-8 the size of the DPA miniatures for  >:D, but one slightly larger around miniature AT or Church Audio size might work, preferably low-voltage powered.

For anyone looking for fig-8's of similar diameter to the Senn and Schoeps options but at lower cost, here are a few options:
Rycote BD-10 (Just found out about this new one upon searching MKH 8030 this morning, looks very interesting)
B9 Audio’s CM180
MBHO KA 800 (still available?)
Ambient Emesser ATE 308 (shorter, with permanently attached cable I think)

And for anyone wanting a very inexpensive, low-cost-of-entry fig-8 to try M/S there is the Naiant X8, which is not single-diaphragm but dual back-to-back cardioid electret caps connected in reverse-polarity. The transformer version is capable of low-voltage powering with some DIY effort.  TS member checht currently has an electrically summed X8S version (Phantom power only, switchable patterns) up in the yardsale at a very attractive price: [edit, sold]
I've used the X8S for years (replacing ADK TL for me) and was considering switching to CM180 last year before I picked up a stereo AT shotgun that is currently fulfilling my alternate fig-8 Side channel needs.. now adding BD-10 to my short mental list.


--- Quote from: Gutbucket on April 16, 2024, 12:44:17 PM ---MBHO KA 800 (still available?)

--- End quote ---

The MBHO KA800s are still available, but only on special request from the manufacturer. I ordered two of them via Canford, a MBHO reseller in the UK, at the end of last year because they were cheaper there than here in Germany. I was given a delivery time of 2-3 months. In the end it took more than half a year.


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