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Hi, I have been told my several dealers that the new Schoeps mics made for the USA are sub standard. They say they are Octavia quality, the AKG and Studio One  mics are better sounding for less money. They say i9f you want the Schoeps sound, you must still buy overseas. Is this not true, if not why do the USA mics exists ?

Not true to my knowledge as a schoeps reseller. I'll call and ask Scott Boland. I can't see why they would...


The serial numbers do not denote any country code. It's not like they are different because of the voltage/frequency of their electrical systems. "I have been told my several dealers".... Who?

The margin on schoeps and fixed price may have gotten to your dealer...

I'll look in2 it.


Even though I'm  Neumann fan and dislike the scheops personally, I highly doubt this is true.  It simply doesn't make sense.  I could understand this on lesser expensive microphones where production is significantly greater (IE Audio Technica's lower end, some AKG's)  but for a company whose production line is somewhat limited it seems more expense than its worth to run two productions.

Forget this knuckle head, he's been causing a stir at the Oade board as well.  



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