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Can anyone give me some pointers on DIN? I think I am going to try my neumann u89s DIN on Friday for the NMAS in Jackson, would that be appropriate? I am having the hardest time figuring what setup is best for these big hand size mics. Love the sound, set up is a tad more touchy than it used to be.

just point em at the stacks trey.  thats the best way to go with the large dia. mics.  they are harder to get lined up right, but when you do,  you'll know why you dragged those fat boys to the show.  

not the same as the old ORTF bar where I shoved them in there and raised the stand a lit the cigar, these take thought and now a v3 taboot, any ideas on that sound Mr. doe?

i would love to hear the u89's or the 170's w/ this thing.  soo nice, and crystal clear.  definately a perfect representation of the venue, almost scary.  did you get yours yet or what?  i want tapes. ;D

unfortunately the first 2 venues for these bad boys to fly in with the v3 available will be UNO and the Orpheum in NOLA. So I m kinda shaky on making that be its first outting, but I m sure they will couple at some point, now to convince someone to run B&K>oade m148



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