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AKG 91 or 93??


Just curious if anyone has some input on which caps I should get  (putting the  money I didn't spend on the ad-500  towards mics!!)  I will primarily be taping in large arenas (Phish, TAB) and ampitheaters with occasional theater shows and small venues.  I'm definately getting the SE300 bodies just have to decide on the card or hyper caps.

Thanks and I hope everybody had a good weekend!

d swing:
If the majority of the shows you're going to be doing will be from the section of a fairly large venue, I say go with the hypers.  If you're gonna be in smaller venues and theaters, go for the cards.  My .02...

Thanks that's what I figured too....Taped Trey in Portland Thurs with c1000s cards and the show came out tape I've it got me wondering...

The AKG ck91 cardioid caps come with the 300 bodies when bought new.  If you are buying used and have a choice, I would go with the ck93 hyper caps.  I found them to sound smoother and without a lot of the lower end balloon of the ck91 caps.  They also did a very effective job of reducing crowd noise.  I really, really liked the ck93 hyper caps, but I do almost all of my recordings indoors in poor-sounding places.  If you do a lot of outdoor shows, you may want to check out the ck91s if you have a choice of caps.

I'm buying the mics new but have the option of substituting the 93 caps.  Iwill be doing outdoor about 8 months....once again others have handed me the answer that was right in front of me......93's it is...get the cards in spring.......


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