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Anybody know what the Eco-Charge 12v systems went for new? I've got a system that is about 1.5 years old with 2x12v. I'd like to sell it and pickup a dual 6v system. I'm just not exactly sure what they went for new and I've moved a few times since I bought it so the reciepts appear to be long gone. Thanks for the help...


wasn't that like 300 something tim?  i am sure someone this site would be kind enough to wire something up for you.  batteries and connectors are cheap.  hit up jonny.  i wouldn't waste my money on eco charge.  you could probably get 2 6v 8ah batts built for under 100$.

yeah I'm pretty sure it's 300+ but they took the damn information down.

I built battery packs for a while and mic cables but I'm done soldering for a while so I pay for someone else to handle it for me.

What I need is a dual output 6v system for my D8 and my Mini-Me.



Tim, contact me off list,  I could prolly make that for you... significantly cheaper than ecosmarge too :-)


Thanks Jonny.. yeah their prices are a little, um, inflated... to be nice about it.



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