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Neumann hyper configs??

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Just wondering what configurations you guys like to use with your ak50 caps?



schoeps t00bes:
tim, even though you know i'm a schoeps guy, i am sure you won't mind if i throw in my two cents.   ;)

the neumanns are bright mics....albeit not as bright as the schoeps...and because of that i would run them din (90 degrees/17cm).  because of the spacing, the interchannel delay seems to sweeten the sound and tame the high end a bit.  i think it makes your recordings sound more full, more natural sounding if you will, with a lot of depth.  

i tried out a lot of different configs with my mk41's and this was by far the best sounding config.  my tube tapes with the 41's run din have been the best tapes i have ever made.  i will definitely never go back!!

let us know how it turns out,

ps i will be getting some of my tapes out to people here on the board at nye so you guys can hear the tubes (with me at the helm).   :P

we just point staight at the stacks.  i think the 140s are harder to pull tape when you are back a ways, and tend to get muddy.  the 50s clean up the mud, highs and mids are crystal, lose a little bass, but nothing you cant boost a bit.  the 50s recreate the the show nicely from a distance.    you want to hear the trey tapes we made at the Greek LA, or san diego, 150s>V2>AD1000?  nice.

Thanks Dave. DIN sounds interesting. I know when I ran that with my bluelines once I decided it was the only way to fly.

Ya'll are gonna laugh at me for this but is there a way to run DIN with any of the neumann bars, or has someone devised a system? I only run ak50->lc3 because, well, it's freaking easy  8)  I like taping to be easy, everything else is hard so I figure that this should be easy.

Thanks for the advice. Friendly... Neuman->V2 is killer, I am really digging your V3 Rw2c tapes with the neumann's. Would it be total overkill to run neumann->V3->Mini-Me... to get that suped up Grace pre sound and the MMe converter??

Mike always runs his xy from no matter what distance really. When I ran my u89s on the hyper setting I ran them DIN. I think Mike's 150 tapes sound great!!


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