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Neumann hyper configs??

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that would probably be the perfect combo, but as for now, i am liking the 1 box solution in the V3.  how much better can it get?  my buddies booried the V3 and are doing some 24 bit stuff this week, see how that goes.  i am completely satisfied with 16/44.1 though.  im a simple person.

Just got out one of Mikes tapes... strapped on the phones and I like it.

I think I prefer the m148 with 50's and a V2 with the 40's...

thanks for the help fellas...



I know you explained by individual mail to me but I thought it may arouse some discussion from others if you described why you liked the v2 better with the 140s. I have used the oade with wondeful results and couldn t understand yer statement. But listened at home to the 2 tapes I made with a v2, both 140 and mod sbm-1. There is a tightness that is brought in or pulled together which seems to make the bass less loose. Which for me is sometimes good, sometimes bad. Anyways, explain what brings you to your conclusion, and hopefully it will stir some conversation.


Well I'm glad you heard something you liked, maybe I'm not crazy after all :-)

Here's the text of my email to Trey
"I really like the sound of the 40 caps. The V2 seems to allow them to really open up to me. Nice extension into the highs and lows and bringing out that great neumann sound. I have a few SCI shows with this combo and a few other miscellaneous tapes... no panic, no phish. I just really like the sound of the 40 caps and the V2 seems to accentuate this sound without actually altering it.
I've got a bunch of bonaroo tapes that I believe you did and they are all 40->148. I've been listening to a ton of those lately and really digging them. One set though is 40->v2.. Soulive perhaps? That tape really stuck out to me because of how different it sounds than the others. It just kind of hit me in a different way than the other tapes. Part of that may be that it is jazzier music... same with the SCI tapes, the music just has more air or room in it.
Before I would run out and buy a v2 though I'd need to listen to it more of a rock-type setting. Right now SCI is as close to rock as I've got with that combo and they just don't have neough balls to convince me.
I think the 50's sound much better with a 148. I've got quite a few 150->v2 tapes and they're alright but the 50->148 tapes I've heard are excellent. That low-mid roll of with the 50's needs to be beefed up by a 148, I bet a psps2 would do a nice job as well."



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