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weird... any ideas?

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Oh yeah since Doug never wrote me back I bit the bullet and bought a new Oade 7-pin. Slapped it on the credit card so I won't have to see it until January comes and my next check from Uncle Sam arrives...

lousy unCLE SAM!!! ::choking noises::

No, no I am a student... Uncle Sam is my friend... everyone pay your taxes so I can my get loans to cover what my shcolarship doesn't!

taxes?...we don't need no shtinking TAXES!...

screw it man...i say we make Saddam pay everyone's taxes this year...

anyone here work at the UN?...

can i get a resolution here?!...


I know you all are sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for the resolution of my little problem. Today is your lucky day, my new passive cable showed up today and it works fine with the s/dif output on the mme. If I lug an xlr->rca into the aes I get a copy prohibit. Guess I'll buck up and try a canare converter after NYE.



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