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Title: Combiner/distributor for external batteries?
Post by: connloyalist on October 20, 2014, 03:22:45 AM
I was wondering. I use an external 20000 mAh battery for powering things like my DR-680. Recently I bought a second 20000 mAh battery because I anticipate the need to power two devices at a time (external battery powered preamp, for example).

As it is that means two devices with a battery attached to each device. Seperately.

Is there, or would it be possible to build, a device that allows you to plug in multiple batteries on one end as combined power supply and multiple power drawing devices at the other end? That way multiple batteries could share the load (or last longer) and perhaps make the logistics of powering multiple devices easier. I assume there would have to be some kind of protection to prevent multiple devices drawing too much power from too few batteries since two devices powered from one external battery probably/potentially draws too much current.

Is this a stupid, unfeasible idea or has someone already come up with something like this?

Regards, Christine
Title: Re: Combiner/distributor for external batteries?
Post by: Hypnocracy on October 29, 2014, 04:27:02 PM
Yes...check the Retail section link below...H2O may still be building them.


but...I would suggest a battery larger than 100 Watt hours...I've been considering the exact same but with 12v Lithium replacement batteries for regular Sealed Lead Acid applications...for electric bikes (http://www.electric-bike-kit.com/12v-lithium-lifepo4-replacement.aspx).