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Title: Laptop rig power Help!!!
Post by: bagtagsell on November 15, 2003, 09:39:51 PM
I have no friggin clue about volts and amps and all that stuff I do know this.  I have a laptop Sharp (which is unsupported by tons of battery options) on the battery it says 19v DC 4.2A, 80W.  I also have a usb sound card that the battery says input: 100-240v ~ 50-60hz max .24A, Output: 5v 1.5A.  I am also buying a Samson mixpad 4 (which has phantom power) and some AKG 391s.  What can I do to power this whole rig. Price and know how are my main issue I dont care about bulk/weight. Please help.  Thanks. Mark
Title: Re:Laptop rig power Help!!!
Post by: Willie T. on November 23, 2003, 08:32:16 AM
I sat down and was looking at the laptop I use today (dell inspiron).....the power cable says 19v at 4.2A too, but the internal battery is 11.1v.  I think the AC adapter pulls more power to charge and run the computer...double check (I use a 12V to power mine).  I don't know what type of batteries you want to use, but I use NiMh from batteryspace.com (4000 Ah sub-cs).  Sub-C batteries output 1.2V (2 in series 2.4V, 3=3.6, etc.).  Hope this helps.