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Detailed Comment i bought a phish taper ticket to saratoga springs on 08/16/09 from kyle.  i bought and paid face value for it via paypal, and also paid for overnight delivery via ups.  the show was on a sunday and this was the friday before, which meant the ticket would be delivered to me on saturday, the day before the show.  the ticket didn't arrive in time for the gig and i requested a refund of the $75 from kyle, since he guaranteed the ticket would be in my possession in time for the show.  kyle agreed to refund me on 08/18/09, he was selling a skateboard on ebay and as soon as the payment for the board cleared his paypal account he was going to credit me my money owed.  a couple weeks passed and no refund.  towards the end of august the seller posted and sold an apogee mini-me in the yard sale.  that's cool, i'm thinking i'll get my refund when he finalizes that deal.  no refund ever arrived.  he did have enough disposable income during this time period to buy himself two pairs of akg mics (akg c451eb, akg ck2/c460b) but did/does not have enough to give me my $75.  i stupidly did not file a claim with paypal within the 45 day limit, since i believed the seller was a man of his word, so i'm out the money.

this whole ordeal was slid to the back burner by myself until 11/16/09, when i sent the seller another pm, three months after the show.  no response.  i sent another pm three days later and kyle finally responded saying how sorry he was that he hadn't refunded my money, he pays his debts, he'll take care of it, etc.  

today is 01/08/10 (1 week shy of 5 months from the original show date) and i still haven't seen my $75 refund.

i will not do business with kyle again.
Comment by: raoulduke
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