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Author Topic: Tekkeon MP3450 Charger  (Read 2106 times)

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Tekkeon MP3450 Charger
« on: February 01, 2012, 01:40:30 PM »
Just realized I left for a trip without my chargers for my Tekkeon and the 722.  I should be ok on the 722, but the Tekkeon always makes me nervous for multiple day recording.  Anyone know of a good alternative power source I could use to charge it?  I have the battery and would rather not buy a new one at this point.  I used to have an adapter tip that I could use with my laptop charger, but now I have a new laptop and the cable is different.

I probably only need 5 hours of roll time to power a V2, but it's been sitting for about a month after being used 3 hours.  Thanks,

dpa4028 > v2 > 744


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