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Author Topic: Is it possible to make a cable that can supply power to an iphone inline...  (Read 2041 times)

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I recently bought a line 6 mobile in since it allows stereo input to the iphone 5. I stream usually using my laptop and the phone as the network connection, but there isn't a jailbreak yet and i refuse to switch to a limited plan. What I would like to do is connect mobile in, has the standard dock to a lightning adapter, would it be possible to modify a lightning cable to get power from AAs or 9 volt batteries at this point to keep the phone from dying. This would be a temporary solution for me until the jailbreak comes out.

I wish that the mobile in had a external power supply  :P
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I wish that the mobile in had a external power supply  :P

Oh, didn't you hear?  That's scheduled to be released with either iphone32 or iphone31.1, they haven't decided which yet.
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There are all kinds of external power that works on rechargeable packs
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