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Author Topic: Powering Countryman B3: 9v. (CA-UglyBB) / 12v. (SP-SPSB-10)  (Read 2154 times)

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Hi there,... I´ve recently got a pair of B3 (red band) reterminated in miniplug-in (1/8), and although it was clear to me that they would work properly with my CA-Ugly Battery Box (9v.), was curious about if they would work equally well with my SP-SPSB-10 (12v.), so I asked directly to Countryman and they told me this:

"The B3 is rated for 12V powering--properly wired he will not damage the microphone. I haven't been able to find schematics or pinouts for the SP-SPSB-10, so I can't confirm the proper wiring. If his device maintains the PCM-M10's pinout, he would want:

MONO (signal on left channel):
Tip: Red
Ring: open
Sleeve: Black and Shield

DUAL MONO (signal mirrored on left and right channels)
Tip: Red
Ring: Red
Sleeve: Black and Shield

If he is able to provide some more information about the SP-SPSB-10 pin configuration we can help more."

So I asked to SP about the pin out, confirming kindly this:

Tip= left audio and 12vdc bias
Ring=right audio and 12vdc bias
Sleeve= ground

According to this pin out, Countryman confirmed it was OK:

"This should be fine. Either wiring configuration I mentioned before should work."

As a new B3 user, I´m very happy about how quickly and helpfully Countryman responded. The same about Sound Professionals.

Well, hope this info can be useful to others B3 users. Cheers!


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