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Author Topic: DIY DPA 4061 Battery Box  (Read 2501 times)

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Offline Gawain Hewitt

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DIY DPA 4061 Battery Box
« on: July 26, 2014, 04:33:03 AM »

I've just joined.

I wanted to share the schematic for a battery box I have just made for my DPA 4061 Mic's. I removed the Lemo's and soldered on Neutrik Jacks, and then modified this circuit (which provides about 2.5v) to provide 6.5v by experimenting with resistor values, and mono only, no HP filter.

Anyway sharing in the hope it may be helpful to others. Also comments and advice to improve gratefully recieved. Cost me about 70p in parts to make each one - but I did already have the box, the jack sockets and the PP3 connectors. So far working well for me, feeding either Sound Devices USB Pre into Edirol R4 or straight into Yamaha C24 when I'm travelling light. I bought used ex-theatre DPA's off eBay for £70 a piece, and was lucky, they seem fine. So a cheap way to get into the DPA thing...



Offline Len Moskowitz (Core Sound)

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Re: DIY DPA 4061 Battery Box
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2014, 03:07:53 PM »
I'm with Jon about using a larger capacitor.

And that 1K resistor is probably not large enough. There's a good chance that this circuit could, under some conditions, destroy the DPA capsule.

Consider that a fresh alkaline battery could put out as much as 9.6 Volts.

Len Moskowitz
Core Sound


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