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Author Topic: Anyone Use Steinberg UR-44 With Android USB Audio Recorder Pro App?  (Read 3800 times)

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The Steinberg UR-44 ( has four mic pre inputs and is priced under $300. It looks like it probably has digitally controlled input levels. If so, that would make it the lowest priced four-channel audio front end that has digitally controlled levels.

At the end of this Winter NAMM video ( the Steinberg rep says that Cubase has an Android DSP remote control app. That would be the Cubase iC Pro app. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this app can be used to directly control and record from the UR-44 via USB - you'd need Cubase running on a PC or Mac.

The UR-44 has a switchable Class Compliant USB mode. That should make it directly compatible with  iPad and Android devices, including smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and S5.

There's an Android USB Audio Recorder Pro app: .

Has anyone tried to record on an Android device with the UR-44 using this app?

[ has the UR-44 on sale for under $235 if you use Visa Checkout. It's normally priced at $260 there: .]

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