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Author Topic: Suggestions for a Vintage Turntable?  (Read 13791 times)

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Re: Suggestions for a Vintage Turntable?
« Reply #15 on: November 18, 2015, 02:48:51 PM »
Another beauty of a turntable design, looks stunniung this one as well as the wooden Lenco redesign. You answered my technical part question, by saying you cut away top plate on the Lenco.  Thats what i didnt understand, I do now, then. My turn tables has been cheap. The Lencos has  been of the 10£ each, very cheap. The Dual , the same prize. The 401 and the 124 I have had for  about 30 years, still running smooth. The Td 124, I think was made in 1958,  the Dual is a 58-59 build, I am not sure, but its old. The 401 has been used by a recording studio  in Oslo. The Triode amps I use  in my system has been made by a friend of min e, and are among the finest on the market. The 2a3 amp sounds very impressive, extremely good sounding. The 401 performs with a Eminent Tech mark 1 and a Decca cartridge, very deep and wide soundstage, live, live. You make  good looking  record spinners, and I get a couple of ideas myself.  Building are fun.  :) ;)


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Re: Suggestions for a Vintage Turntable?
« Reply #16 on: November 18, 2015, 03:34:47 PM »
Yeah, I took a felt pen, and traced the outline of the platter. I left a good amount of "flange" overhang that is just wide of the platter to retain strength. But, it is mostly a cut-away of the top plate, leaving just the pan.  The pan sits on a layer of the plywood, creating a solid tie between the platter bearing and plinth.
I used some drafting squares to determine the angles around the speed control mechanism.
I built this one to emulate the lines of the Presto T18 that I refer to as Stoned Again (Referencing that I've built two soapstone plinths).  You can see that build below.

These are the folders for the above mentioned builds. If you have any questions, grab an image link, and I'll try to answer.

Leno L75 - Top Plate cut-away  Photobucket folder:

Flinston (from this thread), 1963 Bogen-Presto/Lenco B51 heavy platter mod, on soapstone - Photobucket folder:

Stoned Again - Presto Recording Corp T18 Pirouette, idler driveline redesign, w/ new DC motor and speed controller.
It also features the RatsPaw DIY free garage junk unipivot tonearm:

photobucket folder:

Audrey - Mono console w/ Presto 15G2 broadcast table in heavy birch ply plinth:

Photobucket folder:
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