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Author Topic: thinksound ms01 revisited  (Read 1236 times)

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thinksound ms01 revisited
« on: November 24, 2014, 11:37:35 PM »
I liked these so much I picked up another pair for etc. I got a great value on them off ebay.... $60. However they did not come with correct ear tips and thus sounded terrible. The ones the seller sent were too small for the 10 mm drivers and ended up covering a good portion of the driver. No wonder the seller was dumping them. I ended up using an ms01 large ear tip....which helped things out but still did not bring them up to the sound of my other pair. Swapping my xl for the large confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the phones but underscored the essential need to use the correct ear tips, both in size and fit.

Fortunately thinksound sells replacements for $5.00. Once i replaced the large with xl everything was right. Even small changes in fit proved important, bringing ok sound to great. The large sealed but not as well as the xl.

I also tried the memory foam ones that cost significantly more. Crap is what they were. Don't waste your money.  Get the silicone original thinksound ones. They come in several sizes and work as intended.

This really underscored how important the right pieces and proper fit is. Makes sure all is correct before casting judgment.

Btw...there is another pair on ebay for bin 70. Jump!
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