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Author Topic: TSKB: Ferrite Cores on Battery Output Cable  (Read 1935 times)

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TSKB: Ferrite Cores on Battery Output Cable
« on: April 06, 2015, 07:41:29 AM »
What purpose do ferrite cores on battery cables serve?

I ask because I would like to know if one is necessary. I have two batteries, one with a ferrite core on the output cable and the other without. Both Lithium Ion batteries of thebatterygeeks style. One has a ferrite core on the integrated output cable, the other does not have an integrated output cable and the supplied cable does not pass through a ferrite core. What purpose does the core serve in this application and is it necessary to leave it f I hack the cable and put a different end on it? The cable has already been cut and it was done past the core. One battery has selectable voltage, 9 or 12, while the other is a fixed output voltage; not sure if that has any bearing but thought I should include it in case it does.


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