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Author Topic: ISO: advice on transferring VINYL to digital  (Read 1304 times)

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ISO: advice on transferring VINYL to digital
« on: July 05, 2016, 12:19:39 PM »
Hello folks,

Lemmie apologize if my questions/topics has been addressed already.  I've tried searching Taperrsection for older messages but the search feature isn't working well today.

I have a nice collection of vinyl & I want to transfer some of these to digital.  I've attempted this over the years, but I was never satisfied with the results of noise reduction utilities.  To the point where I've abandoned transferring vinyl in the last decade.

With it being 2016, I'm (hoping) thinking that the latest version of audio software has perfected (or improved) de-noise utilities. 

I'm not referring to pops & ticks.  Those are simple to eliminate or diminish. 

I'm referring to constant noise.  The vinyl sound... the slight but present sizzle that's a by-product of a needle riding a vinyl groove.  I would like to reduce this unwanted noise without impacting the noise I want (the music).  I've found that a balance is necessary.  Too much NR results in ruined sound & those tinkle-ly audible artifacts which is far worse than the original. 

I run the turntable into my vintage (but sweet-sounding!) Pioneer QX-9900 receiver (their finest model for the home consumer in 1972) then into my handheld WAV recorder.  This is far from perfect but acceptable to me until I find an affordable phono preamp with a HQ A->D converter & digital output. 

Whenever you're working in analog, you're always gonna be dealing with unwanted audible artifacts inherit in the media & hardware.  A lot of you guys out there have much better equipment than I do.  I'm using consumer audio components, so I'm forgiving in that respect.  Being a family man on a household budget, I won't (for example) be investing in a $20,000 laser turntable, or a handmade tube pre-amp w/ awesome A->D capability.  I gotta use what I have, then use software to make it a little better.

Any software suggestions?  I would pay to subscribe to Adobe if I was able to get satisfactory results.

Any vinyl collectors willing to share any tips?

Another related issue:  transferring 45rpms.  We've known for years that, with analog equipment, the more "space" the sound occupies on the media (tape or disc), the better it sounds.   Audiophile record labels know this, and now sell the music formerly contained on one single 33.3rpm remastered & spread out across two 12" discs that spin @ 45rpm.   Problem with 45rpms is they have a special mix designed to sound good on AM radio & low-fi car radios of the sixties.  To overcome this, the songs were usually heavily compressed.  How does one "decompress" or compensate for this?

Thanks for any replies.

--------Roy ( live_shows AT comcast DOT net )

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Re: ISO: advice on transferring VINYL to digital
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2016, 01:39:40 PM »
Did you wet clean your vinyl?
Cleaning helps a lot!
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