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Author Topic: Mic / SB Matrix Time/Phase Shift  (Read 5302 times)

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Re: Mic / SB Matrix Time/Phase Shift
« Reply #15 on: April 03, 2017, 04:31:49 PM »

Yeah, be careful with that "slight delay between channels" stuff.  I pulled a board feed at a local venue (later mixed with mics) and the traveling FOH was a little too heavy in that channel-delay trick.  In post, when I laid out the tracks in Soundforge, I didn't initially notice the delay and after mixing with the mics and using the 1 foot per ms formula, the result was echo-garbage. 

That's bizarre. Why would the FOH need to impose artificial fake room echo when they have an actual, you know, room to work with?

I'm equally baffled by the occasional soundfolk who lather on the plain old reverb on vocals to absurd levels, especially in fairly wet rooms. But topic drift, I know.


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