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Author Topic: DIY cable beginner questions  (Read 6008 times)

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DIY cable beginner questions
« on: June 05, 2017, 11:16:41 PM »
I want to try making my own cables...not because I think I can do better than guys on here, but just because I want to give it a try.  I'm thinking I'll start with some basic mini-to-mini extension cables and interconnects, and maybe some RCA interconnects as well.  That said, I have some questions:

1. Is this cable good for those uses: ?  I generally don't like my cables to be more heavy/unwieldy than necessary.

2. How necessary is techflex?

3. I've seen people recommending Neutrik connectors, but I can't find any mini female connectors on the Neutrik site.  What are some other good brands of connectors?

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Re: DIY cable beginner questions
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2017, 04:43:15 AM »
1) stay away from foil shield, go,with braided.  Braided stands up better to abuse.

2.) tech flex is extra protection and used to snake cables, not needed necessarily

3.) get your parts from markertek, free shipping, no minimum
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Re: DIY cable beginner questions
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2017, 10:56:13 AM »
Also you might want to start with the RCAs to hone your skill and comfort level with the soldering iron before you try to tackle the 1/8th inch TRS. They are very small and much more difficult to do correctly than a straight forward RCA. In fact, when you order connectors get a few of the cheapest ones you can and practice with them before you make a set with the nicer plugs you're planning to tape with. And consider using silver solder. That's a topic I don't see talked about too often, but I personally prefer it. You don't need to go for the super expensive Cardas stuff, Home Depot sells lead free silver for around $20 a spool. Silver has a wide range melt point so you don't have to be super precise with the temp of the iron for a good bond. This trait is helpful if you are using a hobby solder iron that doesn't have a digital temp display. Don't forget that you need to heat the wire and termination enough to melt the solder, don't use the tip of the iron directly or you'll end up with something called a "cold" solder joint where the solder itself is passing current between the contacts instead of bonding them together. Have fun and be careful, even after doing this for longer than I can remember, it's still easy to grab something before it cools off enough...ouch!
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