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Author Topic: HiFiman HE 560  (Read 1739 times)

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HiFiman HE 560
« on: February 27, 2018, 11:50:06 AM »
I've owned a pair of 400's for a few years and have been in love with them ever since. To me they were the only headphones that I enjoyed as much as speakers and brought me closer to what real music sounds like in timbre and soundstage.

I have been wondering if the 560's would be an improvement and get me just a bit more closer to the real thing. I was able to get a great deal for a pair and grabbed them quickly. I waited with bated breath for them to come. When they arrived they were in almost new condition, which underscored for me the nice deal I got.

Quickly I plugged them in and my first thought was " wow " what happened. Gone was every attribute I loved about the 400's. These were closed in, hashy and frankly not very good sounding. Okay, so maybe the prior owner didn't have them long and they were not burned in. Over the next 2 days they burned in. I put them on again and to my dismay they sounded the same.

I was was just about to sell them when I decided to swap the ear pads with my 400. The 560's come with Focus pads, while the 400's come with round, softer and loose fitting pads. BAM! Now there was the sound I was expecting. Everything opened up and now music sounded real with truth to timbre.

IMO, the Focus pads sealed the cups too tightly to my head, thus truncating the soundstage and distorting the frequencies. Once I put the original and older pads on the beauty of the headphones came through.

Immediately, I went on line and bought a pair of round, leather Hifiman ear pads, which will replace the Focus pads. Cost of the leather ones were $20.00 while the Focus pads are $39.00.

Lesson for for anyone who is running Hifiman headphones with Focus pads and wonder what the fuss is about, rid yourself of those pads and buy the older round one's and then you will get it.


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