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Author Topic: Kyocera D811  (Read 1554 times)

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Kyocera D811
« on: May 31, 2018, 01:11:12 PM »
Kyocera D811 revisted.

I've owned many decks over the years and, although, I seldom have use for one these days I couldn't help myself by picking this one up last year. It was in as good a condition as I have ever seen a used one, with hardly any marks on the bottons. This is a clear indicator that it was not used by the original owner much. It needed a new belt and idler wheel due to the ravages of time on the rubber but after $35.00 it is as good as new.

Back in 1988, or so, I bought one of these new and used it for a while. Eventually, I traded it to friend, who made me a great stand in exchange for this and a DA processor. Since then I owned several great decks, Nak 7ZX, 700 mkII, Sony TCK71, etc. This is one of my favorites and is built like a tank. It uses a Nakamichi transport and has only 2 heads, not by chance but, rather, by choice. Kyocera felt that two heads, when properly used, out performed a 3 head deck.

I have used it to transfer a few audience masters and NOS commercial tapes and it sounds great.
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