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Author Topic: Click/Pop removal  (Read 2355 times)

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Click/Pop removal
« on: October 20, 2002, 03:42:19 PM »
What's up all, well a friend of mine recorded a show last night and it came out alright except for some pops/clicks about once every minute.  Now, my question is how should I go about removing these clicks and pops?  I've got soundforge 5.0, vegas 2 and 3.0, and wavelab 3.03 and 4.0 at my disposal.  There should be some way to clean up this recording with one of those.  I'm open to any and all suggestions since I've never really done anything like this.  Thank in advance!


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Re:Click/Pop removal
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2002, 09:41:24 PM »
if anyone knows how to do this with wavelab 4.0 , I'm interested as well. When I first got into taping, I went the cheap way and use GoldWave. It has a pop/click removal program. Not quite as robust as I would have liked, but for minor clicks, it cleaned them up quite nicely
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