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Replacing pinch rollers on a Nakamichi DR-1

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I need to replace the pinch rollers on my Nakamichi DR-1 cassette deck. The old ones has become hard and slippery so many tapes are wobbling. It's difficult to find someone who services Nakamich cassette decks in Sweden but it's possible to buy pinch rollers from German eBay. It makes me think that I may replace the pinch rollers myself but I have honestly zero experience doing these kind of things. Anyone has any knowledge about this? Is it a stupid idea? Should I leave it to someone who knows what they are doing?

I have tried to find a service manual without luck.

The DR-1 service manual is on the free (with registration) Hifi Engine site, but it does not really tell you exactly how to change the pinch rollers. Other Nak service manuals with the same or similar transport may have better instructions.

My preference on these Nak decks is to completely remove the transport mechanism from the deck, and work on it with some wood blocks to prop it up. Then you can perform any required service or lubrication, and use your plate gauge or Nak alignment device to check alignment of the mechanism. I doubt it is possible to change the rollers without removing the mechanism.

You can certainly change the pinch rollers and ignore any check of the rest of the mechanism. You need a way to remove the small e-clips and small pliers to handle the spring and reattach the e-clip. The takeup roller is non-adjustable, but the supply roller may require a gauge and height adjustment IIRC. Speed fluctuation may also be a bad capstan belt or flywheel lubrication, so changing rollers may not be your solution.

Seems like some adjustments are required which I can not do. I'll need to find someone who can help me with this.

No issue with speed. The sound is wobbling left to right, right to left. And a few tapes gets folded like this:

Have you tried joining and asking for advice? My experience suggests there are plenty of technicians who will share helpful tips. Good luck!

I second the joining tapeheads. I am on there and the several NAK guys are pretty giving with repair tips, advice, AND parts sourcing. They do sell a small amount of NAK pinch rollers, BUT there is also a guy who refurbs them (he is sick and not working right now though-Terry Willet)
There is also a method for refurbing pinch rollers. It uses a rubber renu type solution. upon reading on there about it, I actually bought the Audio 456 pinch roller rejuvenator fluid but have never used it.
link to the fluid


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