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Rogers LS 5 Rebuild



I came across this really interesting pair of Rogers LS5 and decided to play with them a bit. The cabinets were teak veneer that had some scratches. However, the rest of the speakers were in pretty good shape for a speaker that are approaching 40 years old.

After a cap replacement, adding 5 way binding post and a gloss, black auto spray they are looking and sounding fabulous. These guys really do throw a huge soundstage and sound very nice within their intended frequency range. They will find a great spot in my new home.

Clem Cheesy:
I think that I would have opted for a veneer on vintage Russian Birch Plywood.   :shrug:

These things are relicensed and in limited (re)production.

Nice find
Any of the BBC endorsed stuff seems to be durable and worthy

+T baby!!!!    8)

I am kicking these out in my office and they sound super. IMNSHO they sound as good or better than many modern speakers. I would say that they easily stand shoulder to shoulder with monitors in the $1500 to 2500 range. The bass is limited but what is there is punchy and articulate. The upper bass, mids and upper frequencies are really nice. Very clear sounding speaker, which allows you to hear into the recording. Upper frequencies are reasonably extended with natural timbre. Crap, add a sub and I have a really great full range speaker that plays at volumes needed to really get into my music! Yes, you can kick out the jams with these in a reasonable sized "real" room!

These are going to be a great fit one of my rooms in my new home I will be moving into in November!


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