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I've transferred an uncountable amount of tapes over the years, however, I recently had a vintage Pioneer CT-F1250 tape deck completely refurbished and it has a variable volume output knob. Would it be beneficial to raise the volume of the output going into the recorder, or set it at mid point and raise the recording level on the recorder instead?

I included a picture of the deck I found online, so you can see the output volume I am speaking of.

I posted this into the wrong forum. I will try to move it or have it moved by a MOD. Sorry for the confusion.

No output that is not tied to the volume knobs?


--- Quote from: anodyne33 on December 15, 2022, 05:00:55 PM ---No output that is not tied to the volume knobs?

--- End quote ---

I'm not understanding this comment/question.

It's basically an output volume made to match it roughly to the output level of your other components (receiver, CD player) so when you switch back and forth, there's less need to adjust the main volume control. It does control the entire volume output of the tape deck, so if you turn it to "0" you will hear nothing regardless of your receivers master volume, and if you turn it all the way to 10 .. it's at its loudest peak volume. Works similar to a pre-amp for microphones. I'm just not sure if it's best to raise the volume on the tape deck or raise the input volume on the recorder when transferring.

Nice deck with great features for transferring!

Interesting, I've never seen a deck with an output level option since receivers expect a fixed, line level output. From the service manual I found:

--- Quote ---When playing back a reference tape (160 nwb/m), a reference playback level (0dB) is obtained with these controls set to the "6" click stop position.
--- End quote ---


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