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Anyone getting HDTV via an OTA antenna...


I have Directv and plan on keeping it when I get my HDTV, but I understand taht I should be able to receive the HD broadcasts of my local stations via an OTA antenna and the dtv box will "decode" it for my tv.  I am curious as to anyones experiences doing a similar thing...also recommendations on OTA antennas that I could integrate with my dish...thanks in advance...


An HDTV DTV receiver will decode the local OTA channels.  It will just insert them into the program guide as if they are coming from DirecTV.  I have had luck with very inexpensive antennas in the Cary area.  Try the cheapest first.

sweet, thanks...I am really hopeful that it will work transparently to me.....if I can get the HDTV signals for the local channels....I really want to avoid TWC as an option...

I've had great luck here in VA picking up stations with the Terk TV55 .

I'm in Yorktown, and can pick up both Norfolk and Richmond stations.



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