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Some questions about HDTV...


Okay, so I recently jumped on the HDTV bandwagon.  The bummer is that my local provider (Comcast) only offers me 4 channels in HD.  They do NOT offer Fox in HD so the baseball game last night blew.  I was trying to think of solutions, and I remembered that some HD programming is broadcast free, over the air if you have the right equipment to pick it up.  My questions are as follows.

Are these all I would need?:

Do they really work?  ie. is the picture/signal quality high?

Is a lot of stuff really broadcast this way?  Or am I going to spend money on this stuff to only get like 2 shows with it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I need more HD channels.  This 4 channel bullshit is killing me.  Comcast blows goats.

first thing you should do is go here, punch in your zip and post the results

this will give you some idea of what is available OTA in your area


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