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HDTV Cable Woes


So my mom and stepdad had me pickup an HDTV for them when I went out for the deals on black friday. They've had it since then and I hooked her hd cable box up to it with component. It's been working fine, but I wanted to take it a step up. There is a HDMI input on the TV and a DVI-D out on the cable box. So one overly priced cable later, I go to hook it up. First thing is a message that states the TV is not HDCP compatible, and I should hook it up with component. Then the picture comes on.... but all the colors are inverted. The red is blue.... the blue is red. The only thing to make it halfway normal is adjust the tint all the way to one side, but there's still something off about it, and then the tint is scewed with the input from other devices like the dvd player.
So... heres what I think... the TV is HDCP, because anything with HDMI input has to be.... but the cable (DVI-D to HDMI) isn't HDCP? On the DVI-D end there are fewer connectors than on the cable box, yet the cable box is a DVI-D out (there are no analog ports). So this means what? The cable box is a DVI-D HDCP so I need a DVI-D HDCP to HDMI instead of a DVI-D to HDMI?
The other possibility is dual link vs single link... could this be my problem?

(in the mean time, she's back on component, and I need to replace a christmas present)
Also while on the topic, are there any cables/adapters that take a DVI input and rca spdif audio and convert both to HDMI?


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