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OK time to break the silence. Anyone field tested the MiniME?

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Would love to know how it compares to the 'ol AD-1000. Want to also welcom mr. schoeps t00bs all the way from jeresulum! Lashana Tova! ;)


i had a buddy come down from up north for a convention, and we caught a couple of shows.  we ran it with the V2 in front, and ran the mics traight into the mini me.  the pre is sub par, and the whole call pots thing is bogus.  i understand the whole calibration thing, but it isnt the same.  i run nuemann KM140s>V2>AD1000 right now, and still sticj=king with this rig, no questions asked.  i did clip my minime order and am # 2 on the list for a V3.  if grace nails the a/d on that we are lookin at mics>V3 from now on.  looking forward to that.  anyone seen the specs on this A/D yet?  opinions?  PEACE

interesting. Arent their dipswitches to change from calibrated to free like in the ad-1000?


as far as i know there are no dipswitches to change this.  mind you we played with this for 2 days.  apogees a/d is great.  but you just cant crank it like with AD1000.  regardless.  they flailed miserably with the preamp.  i was all about apogee until this thing came out.  ad1000 4-ever.  would like to hear some more input though?  maybe someone else got it dialed in.  PEACE  

Already ran it once ( a loner) at alpine with my TLM 170's.  I love it.  The thing has so much damn headroom.  I noticed I was gonna blow my d8's levels wayyy before I was gonna blow the MME.  Mine should be here tomorrow or wednesday.  I'll be testing 24/96 via coax hopefully this weekend.



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