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OK time to break the silence. Anyone field tested the MiniME?

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Hey buddy,

I'm in Indiana right now.  Stands were run literally 2 feet away from eachother at the same height.  No way to run 2 sets of 170s on one stand, not at alpine with the slope and whatnot.  Those mics are f*in heavy.  I will have them hopefully by next week.


damn interested in those comp tapes, jonny.  searching for the truth...  let us know brother.  the true test will be mics>V3>DAT, comp to mics>mme>DAT, or pc, whatever.   clean tapes!  PEACE

I absolutely promise I will get them to you all asap.  



Good to hear that some folks like the preamp in the mme. I always foudn the preamp in the ad1000 to be sufficient to not bother lugging around all of the extra crap needed to run an extra preamp in front of it. The quality of the mme preamp hs been my number one concern....


Your like me Tim. I think the pre in the ad-1000 is pretty transparent. I also like not having to lug another piece of gear with batteries and cables ;) I can't wait to hear the tapes!



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