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OK time to break the silence. Anyone field tested the MiniME?

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There is a ton of info on the MiniMe on the Oade Brothers Forum. Doug Oade even offered his opinion. One thread starts at the link below, use the search function to find more. Keep in mind, like the web, you can get a lot of hits to look over. Search the archive as well as the discussion started there. You might even be able to get a tape. While you are there, check out the Lunatec V3.

thanks for the link!


I also ran this thing once, direct from mk4v>kc5>cmc6>minime.  I didn't use an external preamp, nor did I do any comparisons.  I'm happy with the tapes that were made though.

It'll be interesting to see how the V3 sounds in comparison.  I'm kinda happy my minime isn't here yet so that I can field test both (hopefully) before actually deciding upon which one I want for good :)

One more note.  Just waiting for the comparison tapes to come back.  We ran two sets of 170's one > ad1000 one > mme.  These should be interesting.


Those are the comp tapes I want. Where were you at Jonny? Did you run on same stands etc? My mme will be here in a week or so, I'm starting to get anxious!



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