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sx-m2d2 4060 adapter



what's this adapter at 0:50

the manual says dad 6017 and 3052 are not compatible

DAD 6017 has pin 2 and 3 directly shorted together. Does 3052 connect those pins through a resistor?  A quick search does not bring up a circuit diagram.

I'm pretty sure Sonosax specifies connecting those pins through a resistor when using 2-wire microphones into M2D2.  I don't use M2D2 myself, however when taking a look at some SAX instructions posted or linked in another TS thread last week, I recall noting  this in regard to how 2 vs 3 wire electrets are accommodated.

see attached, no resistor necessary. bog standard pin 1 & 3 ---> gnd, 2 ---> signal

Oops, may have been for another make of 2-wire mic. Apologies.


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