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hey guys I was wanting to get some opinions on the new Mini-Me and is it worth it. I preordered one (still not here!) and plan on using it with Neumann km140s. I had planned on running it without an external pre based on the assumption that the preamp would be of no less quality than the preamp in the ad1000. To my initial listening teh preamp in the mini-me is pretty weak... I would describe it as thin. The tape in question is TOO 8-4-02 FOB Schoeps 4v's... hardly a tape/loaction I would expect to find as thin but sure enough it is. Is this tape an annomaly or is the mini-me pre this weak?

I'm not going to be picking up a V2 any time soon so should I just forsake the mini-me all together and wait until the V3 comes out? Is it worth running the mini-me without a pre? I'm thinking that it may not be although I want to be convinced otherwise....


See the other thread goin on in the A/D section... The MME Pre is badass.  I really like it, but then again I like my 170's with the ad1000 pre.  The MME pre would have to be pretty bad for me to lug around extra batteries and gear to justify another pre.


the V2 just makes everything that much better.  i have used the pre in my ad1000, it works, its not the same.  i am hoping for the a/d in the V3 to be just as good if not better than the mme, or 1000.  we'll see.  i really would think about running any mics, studio, live, any situation, without a Grace Designs pre powering them.  Apogees a/d is the shit. dont get me wrong i sware by apogee, but i think they kinda flopped with the Mme.  i ordered one like 7 months ago, and had time to clip it, to use credit for the V3,which is scheduled to come out before all the mme backoreders are even filled.  whats up with that?  i am however glad to see we have a nice room full of nuemann phans.  you guys obviously know your shit.   PEACE ALL!  ryan

a little typo error with the last post.  "i wouldn't think about running any mics without a grace designs pre powering them"

From my experience,

I hate how all the grace designs products sound with a neumann mic on them.  I dont like what it does to the sound.  Now the schempz are a different story with me, I like that, but id take a Sonosax or an Oade pre over the V2 with neumanns any day.


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