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What a steal!


What a score!  :o :o :o


did you get that ad1k?

one to hear another good one?  i was biddingon a 500e on ebay and was skeptical, and this guy was from europe.  he offered to send me the unit to test, and if i was cool with it, i could send him the money order.  unbelievable trust on his part.  bidding ended at 350$, and he said that he wasn't sure how the preamp worked, puzzled i was like whatever send it.  he sent me a AD1K!! everything works, and needless to say i sent a check immediately!  i didn't have the heart to tell what he had without knowing, but i guess he got the money he wanted for it.  thank you karma!!

That's REALLY incredable! Wow, and AD1k for $350! GEEZ! Hope it works great for you!


so far so good, i figure at that price even if the crystal was bad i could get it replaced for like 400$, and do the upgrades, and still be under a grand.  no need yet, i have been using it hard for about 6 months now.


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