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LOOKIING FOR: dual male mini-xlr y splitter to mini-jack

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my current splitter (see pic) has a short somewhere so it puts loud crackles into my recordings when moved around.   

I'd like to get a new one, but i can't find anything like it on ebay, or just generally searching the internet.

i'm pretty sure the one i have was custom-made by the person i bought my audio-technica lav mics from (several years ago).

i am unsure how to create another, or where to purchase one from, anyone have any advice for me?

-dave peterson

Contact Ted Gakidis, a member here who builds cables:

GAKables: Custom Cables of all Kinds

tgakidis' member profile

Hosa has a wide variety of off the shelf splitters like this.

I think this is what you need?

Edit to add: Ted will do a fine job for you as well if you need a custom length. I have many of his cables and splitters in my bag.

thanks everyone, sounds like i'll be hitting up Ted!  :cheers:

A few years ago, someone on TS told me that making your own cables was simple enough that anyone could do it. I now agree and have made a lot.

Also, I have had amazing luck with both as a supplier of stuff to make my own, and also the custom cables they make for me are beautifully made. No affiliation, but they are the cheapest I have found for supplies and for custom cables, but their customs were nicer made than others I have ordered (never tried Ted's though).


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