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Samsung 22- Does it add self noise?


Hello, I was just wondering, the past two shows I went to were solo acoustic shows. one I used ecm719 the other Church audio 14 card mics. I used the new sound professional Cable thet made with the field recorder app out of Germany. Both shows while the performer was talking,the levels were low and you can hear a hiss type noise. I don't hear that when they're playing Just when they're talking.Is that normal I've been using the phone method since last summer but they've been loud rock concerts so I haven't noticed the noise during the quiet talking parts. Thanks for any insight, Scott

That's the noise floor of the recording, which is likely to be audible only during the quiet parts.  Likely that the noise floor you are hearing is the self-noise of the mics, but could be elsewhere in signal chain, like how the gain is set on a preamp verses the following recording stage.  The first you can't do anything to prevent other than switching to mics with a lower self-noise spec, if the second, you may be able to set things differently so as to reduce the level of noise.


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