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Do you know if it's necessary to clean the jack plug of your microphones every now and then or something like that? And does this also apply to the line-in sockets of, for example, your recorder? (dust, dirt, etc.)
If so, how can you do this best?


A lot of people like Caig's DeoxIT. There are lots of alternatives, though, that probably work similarly.

For female mini Jack's, female xlr u can use proxabrushes. Those "fuzzy" dental picks with a touch of iso and a can of air or use the male plug compatible with what u want to clean with a little iso and connect and reconnect a few times then blow with a can of air

I second Caig DEOXIT. I like to use good swabs like these as opposed to Q-tips so the felt doesn't tear. I clean our cable connectors and mic end connections every summer before festival season.

Thanks everyone!


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