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Yep. Clean your plugs and jacks every once in a while. Dirty contacts will sneak up on you, and along with dying batteries are often the culprit when other problems are suspected. The issue occurs most often with mini-plug>mini-jack connections. Fortunately its an easy fix.  Deoxit is excellent, but if unavailable 90% isopropyl alcohol will do the trick.

Deoxit is fine and easily available in the USA. Note that they sell many products and often change the names. The common contact cleaner version is Deoxit D5, 5% "active" ingredient with the rest basically naptha, which slowly evaporates. You can also get 100% D5. These come in all manner of containers including spray cans, needle bottles, marker pens. I usually get the D5 spray can with extension tube to flush out some controls, but for finer work I can spray a tiny bit onto a Q-tip or rag for cleaning connector pins. The dental brush sounds like a good idea for the connector holes; for decades I've just put some D5 on the pins with a Q-tip and then inserted then into the other connector.

Caig also sells a contact enhancer for gold contacts and a special lube for faders/potentiometers. I am not associated with them, just a user.

Here's an Amazon link to both the D100L (20% deoxidizer) and G100L Gold (0.5% deoxidizer, for gold surfaces), with cleaning utensils, for less than buying the individual 7.4mL bottles separately. For a comparison chart of the different types you can scroll down on this page.

Detox can be oily. Careful using


--- Quote from: ero3030 on April 25, 2024, 06:18:26 PM ---Detox can be oily. Careful using
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^ Like Olestra! ; )


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