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Brian Skalinder:
Please try to post in the appropriate forum

[*]Before posting, please consider whether your topic belongs in one of the break-out forums.  Each forum includes a title and description which should provide a guideline for how to place posts appropriately.  Posting in the proper forum allows other members to more easily find the information they seek, and also makes it easier for the mods to identify frequently broached topics and add to the Archive as we're able.  We recognize newbies may face challenges identifying the appropriate forum in which to post, so don't worry too much about it -- please just make an attempt to keep the forum breakouts in mind before posting.  Thanks!

Enter The Matrix

[*]Mmmatt's Enter The Matrix guide, a how-to with tips and tricks for recording and creating an AUD + SBD matrix.

Gear FAQs

[*]There are a handful of FAQs dedicated to specific gear, including, but not necessarily limited to:  Nomad JukeBox 3 recorder, iRiver Hxxx recorder, Edirol R-09 recorder, Edirol UA-5 preamp/ADC, AKG C1000S microphones, M-Audio MicroTrack 2496 recorder, 3-wire powering for Audio Technica (and other) mics FAQ & circuit.  Search around, and you'll likely find others.


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