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FLAC player app for iphone

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What can you recommend to play downloaded flac files through an app on your iphone?  And is there a desktop interface where you can manage and edit the files. 
Currently i subscribe to Google Play and store my library there.  However they are transitioning soon to Youtube Music and I don't like the way their music storage works.  From what I can tell there isn't really a way to upload and edit music like there is in Google Play.  I like to have the albums (live shows) organized a certain way and sometimes I need to edit the albums/songs and Google Play allows for that. 
Thank you.

VLC, same as I would suggest for Mac, linux, windows, or Droid.

Ive used VOX on iphone /iOS

the free version seems to work fine

I used Flac Player on my Ipod.  I was happy with it.

Onkyo HF Player! If you buy the $10 add on, you then can play 24 bit flac and even DSD files.
Been using this for 5 years now. Files can be added or subtracted via Itunes


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