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Author Topic: RCA portable DVD battery recall  (Read 1081 times)

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RCA portable DVD battery recall
« on: March 23, 2005, 05:58:55 PM »
I don't think this is like the run of the mill portables that we use, it sounds like
a device specific battery.
But some of you may be interested nonetheless
the url,0,1127148.story?coll=sns-ap-nation-headlines
the article itself
Thomson Inc. is recalling about 47,000 RCA portable DVD player batteries after receiving several reports of batteries overheating or exploding, including two incidents of consumers suffering burned fingers, the government said Wednesday.

The Carmel, Ind.-based subsidiary of French technology company Thomson SA is aware of at least 11 incidents of batteries overheating and five that exploded while recharging, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said.

Manufactured in China, the recalled batteries bear model number DRC600N and are used with RCA portable DVD players. The logo "RCA Life" and words "DVD Video" are printed on top of the DVD player and the battery attaches to the bottom.

Electronic and department stores nationwide sold them from September 2002 to July 2003 for $340 to $490.

Consumers are urged to stop using or recharging the battery and to contact the company for a free replacement by visiting or calling 800-821-5875.

The DVD player is not being recalled and can be used with the AC Power Adapter by plugging it into the player's 9-volt jack.
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