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Title: "Prefer MBF-10/MB-22" phantom + preamp (Dutch brand)
Post by: sunjan on July 25, 2009, 06:35:02 PM
These guys have been around for some time, but I guess they don't have any distribution in the US, which means they're pretty much unknown:

The form factor looks annoying with the jacks on the face side.
Note that only the one channel pre (MBF-10) has phantom and stepless gain (0-20dB).
The dual pre (MB-22) doesn't, and only has 20/40dB switchable gain, which makes it pretty lame, given the wealth of other equipment around.

MRSP for the MBF-10 is way overpriced at $150 or so, but one recently went for 23 EUR on German ebay, which makes it a reasonable deal.
Did anyone here try them for taping?

(http://www.prefer.de/images/boosters/tn_Mbf10_jpg.jpg) (http://www.prefer.de/images/boosters/tn_Mb22_jpg.jpg)