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Title: 4.7k mod : "battery-box > mic-in" useful? / "bass roll-off > mic-in" effective?
Post by: fandelive on February 06, 2012, 04:13:01 AM
Hi guys,

I plan on building a second rig which will consist in :
* a pair of 4.7k modded omnis
* a battery-box w/bass roll-off filter
* a second-hand iriver H320

For now, I don't want to spend alot of cash but I'm curious about experiencing a 2-sources matrix.

Using omnis requires the use of a bass roll-off filter (at least for the kind of music and venues I plan to tape).
Considering the 4.7k mod is "lowering the sound" and the battery-box has no volume knob, I thought I could plug it mic-in.

But :
* will the mics be powered by the battery-box or by the recorder using mic-in ? (the iriver is second hand; so is the internal battery...)
* will the bass roll-off filter be active using mic-in ?

Will I get honorable results using line-in ?
I'll certainly have to crank up the recording level on the iriver way above the unity gain... Don't want to get additional noise or a muddy or kind of muffled/distant sounding tape.

I know using a preamp will solve the problem, but I'm short on cash.

EDIT : I just found out the iriver h320 has no mic input... I'll keep that thread up because my question can still be relevant for other recording devices.
What are the chances I can put up an honorable recording using line-in with 4.7k modded mics and a single battery-box ?
Title: Re: 4.7k mod : "battery-box > mic-in" useful? / "bass roll-off > mic-in" effective?
Post by: acidjack on February 06, 2012, 10:18:54 AM
I'd avoid the bass filter like the plague; results will be unpredictable at best.  Learn to use your DAW software and remove bass in post.  Bass rolloff filters are kind of an antiquated concept that was more relevant when lots of folks ran Sonics/Coresounds into DAT decks or MDs; back then "post processing" generally meant an analog EQ, and most people didn't do that.  It helped to roll some bass off on the way in because hardly anyone (that I knew, at least) was post-processing their recordings, and those omni mics almost always were a little bassy.

The mics are being powered by the battery box; the rolloff will apply whether you're running mic-in or line-in. 

mics>BB>line-in is the preferred way to do things anyway; the iRiver is fine for that.