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Title: Geco Cam
Post by: jimbona on July 04, 2016, 06:25:18 PM
Just ordered one of these little 1080p units:


I like the footage well enough from them; haven't seen any show footage or anything, but it's only a couple hundred bucks, and mounts on the side of your glasses.  Not invisibly-low profile, but beats the hell out of having a GoPro strapped to your forehead, comfort-wise, for sure (been there).  Also you don't look like you're X-TREEEEMEly trying to recapture the 1990's by wearing sunglasses indoors with really thick earpieces and a fairly obvious lens smack in the middle of them.

I just talked on FB with one of the co-founders, and they'll run just fine from external USB power, he says people report that it starts to get grainy after 5 hours continuous (from heat).  I can't think of too many shows that long that aren't multiple bands with breaks between where you couldn't shut it down and let it cool off between performers.

According to spec, it does 1080p/30 for 45 minutes on internal battery, which doesn't interest me much, with the capability to just hook it up to a 20,000mah USB bank.

If anyone's interested, I'll take it on a dry run locally and post some footage before I put it through some serious paces at a 6 hour multi-band show in Iowa in August.
Title: Re: Geco Cam
Post by: seethreepo on July 14, 2016, 03:23:50 PM
any success?
might be a decent solution for open video bands.. 
Title: Re: Geco Cam
Post by: jimbona on July 16, 2016, 10:44:06 AM
any success?
might be a decent solution for open video bands..
Haven't been to any shows since I got it a few days ago, but I put it on, hooked it to a battery, and recorded for about 2 1/2 hours. Took a trip to my dog's vet, the power pack fell out of my pocket (obviously I would rig things a bit more thoughtfully for a show) pulling my glasses and the camera off and onto the cement parking lot, picked everything up, put it back on my head, and carried on.  No break in the recording, and the camera's just fine.  So, 2.5 hours with no issues, did a decent job with the various changes in lighting conditions, going from car to bright sunlight to a vet's office, etc.

Doesn't look like it was recorded with a Sony or Panasonic camera with a 1" sensor or something, but it's pretty damned good in its class (wearable cameras). This is a 100 degree lens, which is not quite as wide as things like a GoPro, but having worn one of those to a Black Sabbath show ~3 years ago (Hero 3 Black Edition), hooked to external power through a gargantuan breakout cable monstrosity, I think this is far more suited to purpose.

I think with some creative mounting, this is small enough that you could  >:D it if it was a non-open situation.

Here's a picture of it with a  pack of Top rolling papers, to give you some idea of the size of the thing.  I could see some creative ways to mount this.

There's another camera I ordered, which should be arriving on Monday ( http://flywirecameras.com ) I'm open taping (and shooting) a band in Seattle on Thursday, so I'll wear both cameras (and have a static 4k camera framing the stage), so we can see how each does in a club-type situation (Tractor Tavern), with lighting that's likely to confuse cameras like this, which are always full-auto.