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Title: Stereo video mic
Post by: memecode on May 18, 2019, 12:16:46 PM
I'm wondering if there is a better option for what I'm doing. I shoot video in live music venues with loud PA's and obviously the cameras mic is useless so I've been mounting a Zoom H1 or Q2n on the cameras hot shoe and syncing the audio in post (I record WAV to the Zoom's SD card). The audio is "ok", it's not distorted but there is some pickup of the people around about. What would be the next level in terms of quality over the zoom units? Neither is particularly practical in terms of weight and size. So I had a look at the Rode stuff, maybe the stereo mic pro (http://en.rode.com/microphones/stereovideomicpro)?

Any other options I should look at?

Needs to mount onto a DSLR (mines a GH3). Smaller/lighter is better. But sound quality is a key requirement. Preferably with a decent stereo image and good sound rejection for sources behind the mic.
Title: Re: Stereo video mic
Post by: bombdiggity on May 19, 2019, 01:40:18 AM
I'd not necessarily had good results with the mics that claim to be for video mounting.  Most don't really seem to be able to handle concert volume well. 

The downside is most cameras don't supply plug in power so you usually need a self powered mic or a battery box in the chain. 

The best mic I found for video use at loud shows was actually the Realistic 33-1065.  Back in the day most of us ended up using that.  Very light weight, has an AA battery inside, small, seems to be well matched to most camera's inputs.  Most useful is that it could handle any amount of volume and sound good and it is quite directional, seeming to reject most of the crowd noise.  It may roll off the bass a bit but that tends to be an advantage at loud shows from most video vantage points.  If you can find one in working condition it's an excellent solution, though you will need to jerry rig a mount. 

Failing that I might suggest some good Sound Professionals cardioid mics.  They're tiny and terminated to a mini jack.  You may need a battery box too though.